AI Face Capture,Face Recognition, Face Statistics Analysis, Count People Starlight IP Camera

Face Detection,Face Capture,Face Recognition,

Fast Storage,Face Statistics Analysis,Count People

* Warm Led with full color face recognition at day and night.

* Face recognition three person at the same time.

1). Face Recognition:

When people come into the camera area, it will capture one pictures, then can compare with the picture stored in the system.

2). Count People:

When people come into the camera area, it will count people. it is very good for store,market to analyse the clients and it will have one picture show the number.

3). White list and Black list, Stranger:

The system will show whether people are White list and black list, Stranger or not, this function will work together with the access control, only people in the white list can open the door.

4). Search people from the picture:

The function will use the picture captured by the camera or upoaded into the system. After choose record search, then the system will show all   the video about the people capture, then know where they go and walk routers.