Panoramic 360° and 180° camera

Panoramic 360° and 180° camera

that allows monitoring all angles of a location using just one camera.

No matter your indoor space this kind of Panoramic camera with its wide angle lens

will provide a  360° and 180° view

ensuring that no blind spots exist in your security plan.

It’s easy to mount on the (360 degree viewing angle) or (180 degree viewing angle)

and will provide a clear view of all that occurs.

This CCTV camera is vandal resistant in a discreet and low profile which makes it perfect for

indoor use. Having a sleek design and being able to install less cameras

but still cover a large indoor environment gives this IP security camera an advantage.

It's a fantastic security addition to any large space be it warehouse,

parking garage or office space as its elevated position provides a better vantage point

that wall mounted cameras that typically have restricted fields of view.